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Her Story Creator Talks About the Difficulty of a Possible Wii U Version

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Her Story Creator Talks About the Difficulty of a Possible Wii U Version

Sam Barlow would like to bring the game to a Nintendo console.

Her Story has been one of the surprise indie hits of the year. The game won awards last month at The Game Awards, for Best Narrative and Best Performance. Her Story tasks the player as an investigator trying to find out the truth behind a murder mystery, by viewing a non-linear story of FMV(full motion video) scenes.

Right now it’s only available on Windows, Mac and iOS but apparently the game’s creator Sam Barlow would be interested in seeing the game on a Nintendo console. Although there would certainly be some difficulties.

In an interview with NintendoNews Barlow was asked if he was interested in bringing the game to a Nintendo system, he responded by saying,

“No … I mean I’d love to, but I’m guessing that the content isn’t a perfect match. Though, the keyboard interface would actually work on a Wii U.”

Barlow did show interest in the idea and talked about how he was a big Nintendo fan, but touched on many of the hurdles that would stand in the way of bringing the game over to the Wii U.

“ I’d need a Wii U/ Unity person to code up the video plugin stuff and test and do anything Wii U specific (as far as I know, the Unity version of [Wii U] isn’t necessarily the latest version). So let’s say three to four months of a good coder … that’s about $15-20 thousand. The certification is about $2 thousand. I’d need a developer’s kit … that’s about $5 thousand. So we’re looking at about $30-40 thousand and that doesn’t account for my time. Let’s say I make $2 per copy sold. I’d need to sell 15-20 thousand copies, which is definitely not guaranteed.”

Lack of funding and time are definitely key factors that would seem to hold up progress on a Wii U version, but it’s good to see that Barlow is at least interested in the idea. Her Story is definitely different from anything on the Wii U right now, and the game is getting a fair amount of attention.

Do you think Her Story would be a good fit on the Wii U? Would you support Barlow in bringing it over, even through some kind of crowdfunding campaign? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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