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Lightning Is Hilariously Done With Everything in Louis Vuitton Ads


Lightning Is Hilariously Done With Everything in Louis Vuitton Ads

Her clothes say “chic” but her eyes say “kill me.”

Alright, we need to talk about Lightning and Louis Vuitton. As we all know, she is the new model for LV and has been in commercials as well as print ads. Every single ad features Lightning being Lightning and as you could possibly imagine, they are incredible. Let’s take a look at them, one by one, and really let it sink in how done with everyone’s shit Lightning is. Like, Final Fantasy XIII finished and she’s just pissed.

First off, never before has someone looked so bored to be somewhere.


And why does she have, like, an aversion to purses?


What has you so mad, Lightning? A-are you about to strike someone?


She’s daydreaming about a place she’d rather be at right now.


Doesn’t even want to look at us, man.


Oh, she is definitely about to smack someone in the face with that purse.


Like she’s threatening to throw it off a ledge if we come any closer.


Do you want the purse? Here it is. Just for you.


SIKE! Ha-ha! Fooled you so bad!


No, but seriously, do you want it?


Ha-ha, got you again!


Yeah, screw those flowers. What have they ever done for you? Nothing.


Let’s all be thankful that this unlikely mash-up happened because what the world needs more of is Lightning looking like she’s just straight up over it.

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