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Here’s What 20,000 Cars Rendered All Together Looks Like


Here’s What 20,000 Cars Rendered All Together Looks Like

The cars, they hunger.

It’s not uncommon for the gaming world to stretch beyond the art of simply playing a game. Many people take things to the next level, sometimes by pushing a game to its limits, and sometimes by breaking those limits. I like to believe there was one person that was once told, as a child, “You’ll never be able to render 20,000 cars simultaneously in Trackmania.” Ever since then, that person set out to prove them wrong.

And they have succeeded.

On YouTube there is a community of content creators that try to beat each other’s records in Trackmania, but not at racing or cool tricks. Instead, these people compete to see who can competently render the most cars at the same time.

User L4Bomb4 has set the world record with 20,000 cars rendering, and subsequently tumbling and flipping in every which direction. The video is as terrifying as you could imagine. Congratulations, L4Bomb4.

You can buy Trackmania United Forever and/or download the free Trackmania Nations Forever on Steam, and see if you can beat the record yourself, through your own technical wizardry. We, at the Twinfinite office, eagerly await the next horrific technological monstrosity to emerge from the depths of the internet

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