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PlayStation Steals Xbox Crown for Most Pornhub Traffic in 2015

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PlayStation Steals Xbox Crown for Most Pornhub Traffic in 2015

Will they put “Best Console For Porn” on the box?

Even though no one will admit it, a lot of people use their gaming consoles to access Pornhub. In fact, so many people do this that Pornhub has detailed statistics on which gaming platforms access their site most often. Last year, PlayStation overtook Xbox, becoming the most popular gaming platform to access Pornhub on.

Pornhub’s Year in Review post contains a lot of information on their traffic, including this one gaming-focused graph.


In 2014, PlayStation owners made up 40 percent of the traffic share, with Xbox owners accounting for 45.7 percent of gaming console traffic. This year, PlayStation surged ahead to 46.9 percent, with Xbox dropping to 37.9 percent.

What could possibly cause such a major change? Maybe the Pornhub experience is superior on Sony’s hardware? Or maybe it’s because of the success of the PlayStation 4. According to a recent report from International Business Times, PS4 has doubled Xbox One’s sales. Sony has even confirmed that 35 million PS4s have been sold.

Sony has the most popular console for porn viewing right now, and they should capitalize on that. If you see an official Pornhub app launch on PS4 soon, it shouldn’t be too shocking.


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