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This Amazing Legend of Zelda Cake Almost Looks Too Good to Eat


This Amazing Legend of Zelda Cake Almost Looks Too Good to Eat

It’s dangerous to eat alone!

Video games have their own fair share of iconic images and series, with of one of the most important of course being The Legend of Zelda which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Games mean a lot to us, and this means that friends and family usually give us something video game related on birthdays and holidays.

One lucky man named Paul received an incredible gift for his birthday with this stunning Legend of Zelda cake, the picture was uploaded by a reddit user named spryce. It’s themed after the game the Wind Waker, and has all the traditional Zelda iconography you could want. Somehow, they even made a detailed map to go along with the book that everything is presented in.

There’s definitely a talented cake maker here, and the piece looks so good it would almost be a crime to cut it but you can’t just not eat a delicious cake. Any Zelda fan would be pleased to get this as a gift though, especially when it’s the 30th anniversary of the series. Have you ever gotten a neat video game themed birthday cake? Share a story and picture with us if you have.

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