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Sony Trademarks Possible New Game Name “Days Gone”

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Sony Trademarks Possible New Game Name “Days Gone”

Where did they go!?

Sony may have a new PlayStation game in the works called Days Gone if a trademark application is to be believed.


Sony Computer Entertainment America filed a trademark application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office on December 28 of last year. This trademark covers:

  • Computer game software; video game software
  • Entertainment services, namely providing an on-line real-time electronic game for others over global and local area computer networks

It’s entirely possible that this could lead to nothing, sometimes companies trademark things for projects that never actually come together, however it’s also possible that this could be some sort of new game that is in the works. Given the application cover, it looks like this game will feature online gameplay, if it sees the light of day.

We’re all now looking to Sony in the hopes that the company might enlighten us as to what exactly Days Gone is.

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