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Far Cry Primal’s Prehistoric Language Was Created with Historical Linguists

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Far Cry Primal’s Prehistoric Language Was Created with Historical Linguists

Do you understand me?

Last year, Ubisoft revealed the existence of Far Cry Primal, a new Far Cry game which will go against the grain of previous installments and will be set in prehistoric times. The usual arsenal of machine guns and grenades will be replaced with spears and bows, and cars are replaced with numerous wild beats you can tame.

Far Cry Primal will feature a long forgotten language which will allow players to communicate with beasts. Ubisoft hasn’t settled with just making up any old gibberish, the studio has been working with historians, linguists, and anthropologists in order to create a language that would be similar to how prehistoric man actually spoke.

“As we started to dig into the Stone Age, we found all these very interesting things. And, one of the difficult aspects is reconciling the reality of the history and our impression of how primitive man was at the time,” said creative director Jean-Christophe Guyot in an interview with GamesRadar.

The different tribes throughout the game will also feature slight variations in their language, a lot like accents today. “The linguists, they’re amazing. And they’re super excited, because this is a language that has not been spoken for thousands of years. For them, it’s their science, it’s something that they’re super attached to, so they were super enthusiastic,” said Guyot.

Far Cry Primal is due to be released on February 23 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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