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The Division’s Multiplayer Completely Changes at Level Cap; “Near Infinite” Build Options

The Division

The Division’s Multiplayer Completely Changes at Level Cap; “Near Infinite” Build Options

It’s a whole new world at 30.

Tom Clancy’s The Division takes players on a shooter romp through a post-virus New York, and will offer plenty of new content and exploration even after players reach max level. Speaking to VG24/7, Ubisoft Massive creative director Magnus Jansen shared details on The Division’s end-game PvP and equipment options.

The Dark Zone is a multiplayer rift that spreads across the center of the game’s map. It scales in difficulty, with more challenging regions towards the north, and easier zones found as you head south. Once players reach the level 30 cap, though, the zone undergoes a complete overhaul.

“Suddenly the whole Dark Zone re-populates with all-new content and challenges suitable to that level,” Jansen said. “And now the entire Dark Zone, instead of being segmented where you explore further and further north, the whole Dark Zone is repopulated completely for you to tackle openly again.”

Crafting and equipment modifications become important at this point as well, and Jansen says players will be able to continue finding and crafting better gear, even after reaching max level. This is partly due to the sheer number of possibilities.

“Your tools are things that will continue to improve as you find more loot. Your avenues for improvement are not dead just because you hit the max level.”

When asked for the number of gear, weapons, mods and other items available, Jansen said “No! In terms of combinations there are near infinite. But how many individual actual guns do we have? How many individual actual weapon modification pieces do we have? I don’t know that because they all have various attributes. Some of the muzzle breaks will increase accuracy, reduce recoil, etc.”

The Division’s next closed beta begins later this month, with Xbox One users being offered early access. Recently, Ubisoft’s Martin Hultberg said the game was partly inspired by Black Friday shoppers.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is expected to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 8, 2016.

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