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This tinyBuild Game Won’t Release Until Twitch Beats It


This tinyBuild Game Won’t Release Until Twitch Beats It

Will Twitch bring the fight to the ring or get drunk in the pub?

Earlier today, tinyBuild Games announced that they have finished development of their new game, Punch Club. You can check it out on Twitch right now on the “Twitch Plays Punch Club” channel. The catch is this: tinyBuild Games won’t actually release Punch Club until Twitch completes the game.

Players will be able to to control the actions of the game’s hero using hashtag commands, just like with Twitch Plays Pokemon, and the developers are well aware of the potential outcome of this “science” experiment. As they put it in their blog:

Of course, it might all go horribly wrong. What if Twitch users don’t work well together? What if they don’t train hard enough? What if they don’t punch enough ninja crocodiles in the face?

Maybe we’ll just never get to launch the game. That would be a bummer, but hey, we’re willing to take that risk. For science.

While Punch Club isn’t available for purchase just yet, you can still pre-order the game on Steam right now where it’s the first ever non-AAA title to be fully supported by Steam pre-order. tinyBuild Games will also be dropping free Steam codes for the game into the chat every time the Twitch chat wins a fight in the ring.

If you want to check out Twitch Plays Punch Club for yourself, you can do so here.

So what do you think of tinyBuilds Games’ idea to delay the release of Punch Club? Let us know in the comments below.

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