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XCOM 2 Trailer is Retaliating Against the Aliens

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XCOM 2 Trailer is Retaliating Against the Aliens

Join us or become them.

In XCOM 2, 20 years have passed since the events of 2012’s Enemy Unknown. The aliens have basically won, using propaganda to sway the humans over to their side. Betrayed by the council of nations, XCOM is nothing more than the resistance force, with members either submitting to the aliens or hiding in the shadows. Now that you, the Commander, have been rescued, the time has come to take Earth back from the invaders. Today, Firaxis has released a new trailer showing how you’ll be doing that.

Just like the first, the game will have you recruiting agents from around the world to help you take out the aliens, though this time you’ll be constantly on the run thanks to your mobile command center, a hijacked alien vessel. In addition to the new HQ, there’ll be new weapons for you to use, from swords to mech suits equipped with flamethrowers. It’s all pretty awesome, and there’s plenty of new aliens for you to test out this new stuff on. You can check it out below.

XCOM 2 hits the PC on February 5th.

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