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5 Gift Ideas to Keep Your PC Gamer Happy


5 Gift Ideas to Keep Your PC Gamer Happy

The best way to a PC player’s heart!

Hardware Upgrades

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With 2015 having been such a big year for AAA games and 2016 looking set to be just as jam-packed, now is the best time for PC gamers to upgrade their hardware to run the latest games at high settings. Whatever it is their computer is lacking, there are options to upgrade their rig from SSD drives to the latest graphics cards. Beginning with an SSD (Solid State Drive), gamers will see much faster load times to anything that is installed onto this drive, rather than the traditional hard disk drive.

An SSD can see a huge reduction in the amount of time it takes to load up a game or boot up your whole operating system from being powered off. These are going pretty cheap for a 120gb size now from the likes of Amazon, too. On the other hand, upgrading things such as RAM or a graphics card will help with running multiple applications and graphics quality respectively.

16gb of RAM is an ideal amount to now have in a PC that will predominantly be used for games and will ensure it remains future-proof, too. As for graphics cards, this can be a little trickier as NVIDIA and AMD are releasing new cards faster than Usain Bolt can run 100 meters. However, the NVIDIA GTX 970 and AMD R9 290X are two cards which we can strongly recommend as high-performance options but without the massive price tag of some of the cards at the very top of the range.

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