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Star Wars Battlefront Data Reveals All, Including Favorite Hero

Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront Data Reveals All, Including Favorite Hero

Data is crucial to learning your enemy.

Since its release late last month, a lot of people have been playing and enjoying the heck outta Star Wars Battlefront. So much so that EA’s gone and revealed a lot of player data in an infographic. Some of these are sort of obvious–for example, the Millennium Falcon has gotten more kills (9 million) compared to the Slave-I (8.5 mil), because the Falcon is awesome–but others are more surprising.

For instance, among the six Heroes and Villains that Battlefront has, Boba Fett is the most popular, with 29.8 million minutes played. Looks like you can’t keep a good bounty hunter down. Trailing behind him are Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, respectively, while Palpatine has the least playtime of them all. Despite that, Palpatine has racked up 17,072,815 Force Lightning kills, beating out Luke with his 11,523,395 Force Push related murders. Trust us, those are painful.

The infographic also reveals the various ways players have died in Battlefront, from how many Stormtroopers have taken rocks to the head from Ewoks to kills in the AT-ST and X-Wing and the amount of vehicles destroyed (spoiler: a lot). It’s all pretty fascinating, and the numbers are sure to grow in the coming months, especially now that the free Battle of Jakku DLC has been released.

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