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Star Wars Battlefront: How to Fly and Rule the Skies in Multiplayer


Star Wars Battlefront: How to Fly and Rule the Skies in Multiplayer

Great shot kid, that was one in a million!

Let’s face it, we all want to be an ace pilot like Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. The problem? Star Wars Battlefront’s flying mechanics can be hard to get into. This guide will focus on helping you get kills in the air but also enemy combatants fighting on the ground.

The best way to start your ace journey is to check out Star Wars Battlefront’s excellent training mode. In the star fighter mission, the game will help you get accustom to the basics of flying a starship. Learning from this foundation will greatly help any pilot, though you’ll learn the advanced techniques listed in this guide.

If you’re playing Walker Assault or Conquest, getting into the air can be a problem. Most of the time, vehicle power-ups are highly sought after. If you’re rushing to find a flying vehicle early in the game, I suggest using the Jetpack Star Card. This will help you beat other players for the power-up and get you into the sky.

In terms of actually flying the airborne vehicles, there’s not a whole lot of difference between the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial machines of war. Typically, the Empire’s ships are faster but if caught, they will be mercilessly slaughtered. The Rebel Alliance varieties have shields but can’t escape quickly from laser fire. Both the Rebel and the Imperial starships typically have missiles but we’ll go more into detail on them later.

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