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Unravel Gets a Confirmed Release Date

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Unravel Gets a Confirmed Release Date

We love you, Yarny!

Okay, so Yarny is cute. Really cute. Like unbearably cute. We at the Twinfinite offices have been dying to know when we can be Yarny in Unravel, an upcoming puzzle platformer from EA. For those unaware, Unravel is about Yarny, a little person made, hopefully, of yarn. Yarny then embarks on an adventure across Scandinavia, braving the elements, and solving every puzzle in the way, all the while leaving a string of yarn behind.

Basically, Yarny is unraveling, and we’re terrified to see how that will end.

Good news, though! Unravel’s Community Manager Dan Mitre has broken the silence on when we can get our hands on the game. In a PlayStation Blog post, Mitre revealed that Unravel will be officially released on the PlayStation 4 on February 9th, 2016. We’ll be letting you know about any more information on Unravel as it makes it way to release next year. In the meantime, you can check out the story trailer below and see what we mean when we say Yarny is painfully adorable:

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