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Yakuza 6’s First Trailer is Pretty and Violent


Yakuza 6’s First Trailer is Pretty and Violent

This is a good thing.

Series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu returns in the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Yakuza 6. Since its initial announcement at Tokyo Game Show, details have been scarce, but no more. Today, the first trailer for Yakuza 6 went live, revealing how pretty the game can be in running on Sony’s latest graphical hardware.

Just as well, the trailer is suitably violent, as the world sighs with relief knowing Yakuza 6 is sure to bring all the action fans have enjoyed over the years to the new system. While the trailer takes a more cinematic approach to showing the combat, as it is all in-game footage, it could be showing possible moves from the full game.

The biggest change, however, seems to be player movement in the game, as the trailer shows Kiryu shimmying through a tight space between buildings while traversing the rooftops of Tokyo. These sorts of mechanics do a lend a much more organic feel to controlling the player character, so it ought to be a welcome addition to franchise. We’ll certainly be letting you know more about Yakuza 6 as more information rolls in on its way to release, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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