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Rainbow Six Siege Patch Goes Live Today

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Rainbow Six Siege Patch Goes Live Today

Prepare yourself.

Ubisoft has announced on the game’s forums that a patch for Rainbow Six Siege is due to go live today on the PS4, xbox One, and PC. The patch will fix issues such as hit detection, balancing, and netcoding.

PC gamers will also be getting an increased tick rate which will change it from 30 times per second to 60 times per second. This should help the rate which a player’s position is updated on the server. This will come to console versions after the PC tick rate has been tested properly.

The patch will also add an auto-kick feature to the game which will automatically kick players who purposely kill their own team mates or the hostage they’re mean’t to save. Ubisoft has reported that this affects 1.8% of matches so it’s good to see it’s being addressed. The patch will also tone down the blood color which many gamers feel is too florescent and unrealistic looking.

Ubisoft is also addressing spawn killing by reducing the time it takes for Defenders to be detected from five seconds to two seconds. Other issues being fixed include drones falling through the floor, players getting stuck in environments, inaccurate kill cams, and a tweak to Glaz’s scope which will reduce the red filter.

The patch will be released at 6pm-7pm GMT on PC and 7pm-8pm GMT on PS4 and Xbox One.

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