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Mass Effect Loot Crate Contents Revealed


Mass Effect Loot Crate Contents Revealed

I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite Loot Crate on the Citadel.

If you missed out on signing up for the limited edition Mass Effect Loot Crate last month and were dying to know what was inside, get ready to be Asari mind-melded.

Hot off this year’s N7 day, Loot Crate announced an exclusive Mass Effect Limited Edition Crate that sold out pretty quickly. The box was available for $75 and was valued at $150.

Luckily for us, Reddit user djjd15 made the Paragon choice, and shared their package with us.  While that certainly can be a dangerous sentence when talking about Reddit, all information below is completely SFW.

Items include an N7 Hoodie, shot glasses, backpack, a plush Volus, Mass Effect socks, and more. While this doesn’t make BioWare’s promised Mass Effect: Andromeda release of Holiday 2016 come any sooner, this certainly goes just a little way towards helping the time go by more quickly.

Click here to check out the full gallery, and let us know if you envy the Mass Effect crate.

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This post was originally written by Anthony Galleran.

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