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This New Game Is a Battle Between a Father and a Suicidal Baby


This New Game Is a Battle Between a Father and a Suicidal Baby

That baby is up to something.

When a baby is around, it becomes immediately apparent how dangerous your house is. Making sure your house is baby-proof is the entire point of PC game Who’s Your Daddy. One player plays the father who must make the house safe, and the other player plays the baby who must kill themselves as quickly as possible.

Who’s Your Daddy was funded this year on Kickstarter, and was recently added to Steam Greenlight. A video of the alpha build shows the various hazards the baby can damage themselves with, like household chemicals, ovens and electrical sockets. The father must neutralize these hazards while completing objectives.

The alpha build of the game is currently available on its Steam Greenlight page. Who’s Your Daddy is expected to release in early 2016.

There are a lot of unique multiplayer games out there, but not many of them reward the player who can kill themselves the fastest.


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