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Pachter Explains How Konami Could Block Kojima from The Game Awards

Michael Pachter, Pachter Factor

Pachter Explains How Konami Could Block Kojima from The Game Awards

Pachter’s take on the drama…

Industry analyst, Michael Pachter, has taken to this show, Pachter Factor, to explain how Konami was legally able to keep Kojima away from The Game Awards and to reveal what his thoughts on the subject are.

If you somehow haven’t heard, Konami informed Hideo Kojima, the director of Metal Gear Solid V, that he could not represent the company and receive an award on their behalf at Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards 2015 show. This is why when MGS V won best action/adventure game, Kojima was nowhere to be found, and Keighley later had to reveal the reason why to everyone watching.

For all of you still wondering how this could possibly happen to the legendary director, Pachter has weighed in on the subject, stating that “legally, when a game is published, the game is then owned by the publisher.” In the case of the latest and all previous Metal Gear entries, the franchise is owned by Konami, so technically, the award is theirs to do whatever they please with it and can send whoever they want up onstage to snag it. If the award had been for let’s say “Best Director,” Konami likely could not have stopped Kojima from taking the spotlight. Nevertheless, Pachter thinks the company made a public relations mistake by not letting him receive the recognition he deserves, thus supported by the booing crowd upon hearing the news.

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This post was originally written by Danny Endurance.

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