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Destiny Emotes are Dropping as Random Nightfall Loot

Destiny Emote

Destiny Emotes are Dropping as Random Nightfall Loot

Because who doesn’t like loot?

Previously unattainable and archived emotes for Destiny are now being found in mystery bags, which are offered as in-game rewards for completing the Nightfall event. This offers players a chance to obtain these otherwise lost, or microtransaction exclusive emotes.

The 18 new emotes Bungie released in October were previously only purchasable through Silver, an in game currency that was only attainable by spending real life money. Silver marked Destiny’s first microtransaction option, which Bungie has said is being used to fund the game through another year of development.

But who doesn’t like getting things for free? The Nightfall event enables players to pick up these emotes, some of which are no longer for sale, as loot, saving them from using real word money. Still, the Nightfall’s rewards are completely random, the event can only be completed once per week, and it is unknown how long these will still be offered as rewards.

Yesterday marked the release Destiny’s December update, which includes the much anticipated Sparrow Races, as well as a number of balance changes. The game mode is only available for a limited time.

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This post was originally authored by Donald Seburn.

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