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6 Times Bungie Made Destiny Better by Listening to Fans


6 Times Bungie Made Destiny Better by Listening to Fans

Time to take notes.

Bungie is the studio that created Halo, the game that helped to put the Xbox brand on the map. So, when they went ahead and created an entirely new, multi-platform FPS fans expected a lot of the developer. Destiny was to be the studio’s greatest work yet. A promise of large open worlds, a story to rival that of Star Wars, and tons of legendary loot left fans hopeful for a bright future on the last and current generation of consoles. When it finally did release it was good but left many wanting.

This created a moment of truth for Bungie. They promised something great and the fans had some suggestions as to how it could achieve that status, they only needed to listen. And you know what? That’s exactly what they did, they listened. While they may not have given in to every request, there are a few times where they turned around and did exactly what was asked of them (sometimes even more).

Let’s take a look at some instances where Bungie listened to the community and brought change to Destiny.

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