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Just Cause 3 Wants to Start ‘The Dress’ Fight All over Again


Just Cause 3 Wants to Start ‘The Dress’ Fight All over Again

I don’t even want to know what color it is.

The Dress will never die. Now that it’s old enough to stop being a topical meme, it’s old enough to be an easter egg that will live in Just Cause 3 forever.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably missed all of February 2015, when the internet waged an all-out war trying to decide whether this simple dress was blue/black or white/gold. In the end, your brain ends up “seeing” a color based on psychological lighting assumptions, and the dress is actually blue and black.

Now, if you head to a certain hotel in Just Cause 3, you’ll find two women wearing “The Dress” in different hues, forever reminding humanity that we will never be joined in this topic. We will never know peace.

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