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5 of the Best Gaming Easter Eggs in Recent Years


5 of the Best Gaming Easter Eggs in Recent Years

We have a look at some of the greatest easter eggs from our favorite game series of the last five years.

Grand Theft Auto V


Rockstar has always been known to add in the occasional easter egg to their games and more often than not, they’re pretty big.  Previous games from the Grand Theft Auto series include secrets like huge signs that told you that you shouldn’t be there, a haunted baby stroller on a rocky beach and many in-game references to previous (and future) characters, places and vehicles.

Grand Theft Auto V has served us all well with more easter eggs, secrets and extras than we could have ever imagined.  Ranging from the very small to major, some of these easter eggs consumed more of our time than the missions themselves.

  1. The ‘Infinite 8 Killer’ took over the internet as gamers traveled all across Los Santos and Blaine County to solve the mystery of Merle Abrahams and the murders that occurred. Creepy poetry was found written on rocks and walls, bodies were found as well as an abandoned shack full of old media exploring the story.
  2. ‘The Ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans’ is considered one of gaming’s scariest easter eggs to this day.  At the top of Mount Gordo between the hours of 11pm and 12am, Jolene’s pale and disturbed spirit can be seen hovering aimlessly. Many people thought that was it as whenever you got too close, she would fade away.  However, a little detective work has uncovered the story to be a lot deeper than that.
  3. Aliens have taken residence in GTA V! The most obvious encounter was during your trippy mission with Michael (although those were probably in his head). There’s also the Space Buggy side mission and the ominous shrine to our intergalactic friends just south of Blaine County. Finally, there is the creepier and undisclosed UFOs that become discoverable after 100% completion of the game and the Area 51-style Fort Zancudo, of which could still be hiding some uncovered secrets…
  4. Some smaller eggs include sightings of CJ and friends down Idlewood from GTA: San Andreas, the real sighting of Bigfoot during a sniper mission and the face of Walter White from Breaking Bad etched into the side of Mount Chiliad.

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