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Just Cause 3 Lets You Ride a Bull


Just Cause 3 Lets You Ride a Bull

How long can you stay on?

Just when you thought you had Just Cause 3 all figured out, it goes and throws something else in. Ancient ruins, Rubber Duckies, and a never-melting snowman, would make you think that you’ve seen it all. But you haven’t. Just Cause 3 brought a full bag of tricks for you and it has more in store.

Just Cause 3_20151201180634

Head over to Maestrale in Insula Striate, which is the location of another easter egg, and locate the spot marked by the character indicator on the above map. It is here that you’ll find a bull. Not a mechanical one, but a real live bull.

Just Cause 3_20151201180748

If you walk up to that bull you can ride it, and it will kind of go crazy. You can steer it left or right, but you cannot slow it down and it will try to buck you off. Maintain your balance with the left thumbstick and you’ll be fine.

Do not use your grappling hook to mount it quickly since that can kill it, instead just walk up and press the button used to enter any vehicle (Triangle on PS4, “Y” on Xbox One). Have fun!

Have you come across this bovine excursion during your travels just yet? If so, did you stay on for long? Let us know in the comments below.

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