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Sega Genesis-esque Freedom Planet 2 Announced


Sega Genesis-esque Freedom Planet 2 Announced


One of this year’s surprise hits was Freedom Planet, as it made its way over to the Nintendo Wii U in late 2015, and charmed many players with its frantic and wild gameplay. The game’s action is purposely and suitably reminiscent of Sonic & Knuckles, with added flair for a new take on the Sega Genesis-style games of the 90s.

Naturally, the developers over at GalaxyTrail have begun development on Freedom Planet 2, releasing a short teaser trailer to get the fans thoroughly hyped. The game is set to retain its three heroines, alongwith a bevy of gameplay tweaks and improvements such as more flexible difficulty customization options and new character revival mechanics.

Fans of the game’s aesthetics will be happy to know that the game is still totally going for that Sega Genesis vibe, although with more of an evolution of what its predecessor strove for. The developers are aiming for a slightly different atmosphere to complement the progression of the plot. Nevertheless, it seems like the changes all seem for the better, doing the best thing a sequel can do, and that’s to build off of a game’s assets to create and refine the experience.

You can check out the main website for a closer look at what the developers have in store for the game. We’ll be updating you with more information on Freedom Planet 2 on its way to release, currently estimated to be around mid-2017, for PC and select Nintendo platforms.

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