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Final Fantasy VII Remake “Couldn’t Possibly Fit into One Installment” Says Producer

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Final Fantasy VII Remake “Couldn’t Possibly Fit into One Installment” Says Producer

But will the snowboarding minigame return?

The newest Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer came with news that the game would be a multi-part series. Square Enix didn’t explain what this meant, but it left many people worried that the game would cut content. Today, the game’s producer has explained that the remake is multiple parts so nothing from the original game will be left out.

Yoshinori Kitase has posted a blog on the Square Enix website to help clear up confusion about the Final Fantasy VII remake. He states that the game’s length and density of content is why the remake took so long.

Producing a proper HD remake of FINAL FANTASY VII that maintains the same feeling of density of the original would result in a volume of content that couldn’t possibly fit into one installment.

Later, Kitase states that making the game multiple parts ensures that nothing will be cut out. The decision was made to keep as much of the original game’s content as possible.

If we were to try to fit everything from the original into one remake instalment, we would have to cut various parts and create a condensed version of FINAL FANTASY VII. We knew none of you would have wanted that.

Fans of Final Fantasy VII have been worried that some of the more obscure aspects of the game, like the Golden Saucer minigames and the “Cloud in a dress” scene would be removed in the remake. This news seems to confirm that Square Enix is committed to keeping everything from the original game, even if that means delivering it in parts.

Does this news make you more optimistic about the Final Fantasy VII remake? Let us know in the comments.


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