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Nintendo Files New Touchscreen Controller Patent

Nintendo NX Controller

Nintendo Files New Touchscreen Controller Patent

Could this be the Nintendo NX controller?

It would seem that Nintendo has applied for a new technology patent,and the designs look like it is for a new handheld controller. While not explicitly stating Nintendo as the applicant of the patent, all of the listed scientists and engineers are Nintendo employees.

The controller is defined as a “processing apparatus” and, from the pictures, it looks to be some form of a controller. The controller takes after the Wii U controller, featuring a free form elliptical touch screen that comprises the entirety of the front of the device. There are two areas indicated that look like two  joysticks are present. However, unlike the Wii U, they appear to be implanted inside the touchscreen allowing for various effects. It appears that a majority of the input will be through the use of these two areas as they may serve as both joysticks and buttons. In the images you can also see a pair of shoulder buttons. The controller also appears to have vibration, as well as gyro and acceleration sensors.

The shape of the touch screen comes as no surprise, as Nintendo was previously noted as inquiring about donut shaped free form touchscreens from Sharp.

It is important to note that any of the properties of this device are liable to change, and this should in no way be regarded as a finished product.

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This post was originally authored by Donald Seburn.

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