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EA Announces a Competitive Gaming Division

Star Wars Battlefront

EA Announces a Competitive Gaming Division

Please be a Garden Warfare League…

Today, EA has revealed that they’re creating their own competitive gaming division that’ll be headed up by Peter Moore. The division will enable global eSports competitions for their big franchises like FIFA, Battlefield, Madden, and others. As they describe it in their official announcement, it’ll be built around three core pillars:

  •  Competition – To create highly-engaging competitive experiences with our games, officially supported by Electronic Arts.
  •  Community – To celebrate, connect and grow our community of players across all levels of expertise.
  • Entertainment – To develop live events and broadcasting that bring the spectacle of competition to millions of people around the world.

Also joining Moore as General Manager and Senior VP will be EA veteran Todd Sitrin. Sitrin has worked at the company for 14 years and will be working closely with development studios to create “an exciting and competitive platform in our games”. For leagues such as the FIFA Interactive World Cup and the ESL One Battlefield Championship, those will still be around, so don’t worry. More information on the CGD will be coming in the future.

How do you feel about EA’s eSports division? Think any of their games besides the obvious are best for this? Let us know in the comments below.

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