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FFXIV: Heavensward Is Getting a Patch to Address Insane Raid Difficulty

Alexander: Gordias

FFXIV: Heavensward Is Getting a Patch to Address Insane Raid Difficulty

Meanwhile, the Anima weapons will remain a time-consuming process.

The director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV has announced on the game’s forums that the game will soon be getting a patch to address complaints surrounding the difficulty of the Alexander: Gordias (Savage) raid.

According to Naoki Yoshida, the raid was made to be difficult on purpose due to fan request, but that they may have gone too far, because the difficulty of the raids led to the following results:

  • Players were transferring to different Worlds in search of groups to beat it.
  • Players were unable to clear the content, and the time in which they were unable to obtain items grew too long.
  • Due to the severity of DPS checks, it’s not possible to supplement with item levels only.


The raid was made to be difficult on purpose because players are able to receive the best weapons with the best stats by completing it, but Yoshida believes that players are ignoring it altogether now. He also hinted that they will be improving the weapons that can be obtained there because:

Obtaining an item level 210 weapon for clearing the fourth area of the extremely difficult Alexander: Gordias (Savage) is an issue due to the fact that this is the same item level as that of the upgraded Esoterics weapon. Had Savage offered an item level 215 weapon, it would have given a clearer identity to those who cleared this content.

Yoshida’s message also talked about the Exploratory Missions and Anima Weapons. Starting with the Exploratory Missions, part of the reason why they’re getting balanced is because when they were released, the developers added items at level 210 to attract players to this content. The problem with this is that the items that can be obtained at Alexander: Gordias (Savage) are also set at level 210. According to Yoshida, they will be making the following changes via maintenance:

  • More chances for exploration.
  • Make a system for matching routes with different objectives such as battle and gathering focused.
  • Add variation to the exploration objectives, and make it more fun to explore as an individual party.
  • Create set rewards and make it so that farming is not the only objective.
  • Reduce the content time, and turn it into content that does not rely greatly on player skill.

Finally, on the topic of Anima weapons, Yoshida said that Anima weapons will remain a time-consuming process to make and that the developers won’t be gated off behind “difficult content.” The developers will start enhancing the Anima weapons in Patch 3.25 and Patch 3.3.

So are you happy to hear that Alexander: Gordias (Savage) is getting patched? Let us know in the comments below.

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