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PSA: Don’t Bother Waiting for Steam Flash and Daily Sales This Season


PSA: Don’t Bother Waiting for Steam Flash and Daily Sales This Season

Brace your wallets, Winter has come!

The weather is cooling down and the holidays are upon us. That can only mean one thing – the Steam Winter Sale is live! But this time, newcomers to the sale and veterans are on an even playing field. Long gone are the days of swooping on on daily deals, scooping up flash sales, and gathering the stragglers on the final day of the sale.

Thanks to Steam’s refund policy: all the games that are going on sale are already listed as such. They will not drop prices any further.

So that copy of Killing Floor 2 you’ve been eying? Go ahead and pick it up. Maybe you want to check out all the game of the year contenders, like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain or the Witcher 3? Buy now. Don’t have the money to pick up that Undertale game everyone’s talking about? Wait till payday, then go on a spending spree!

The Steam Winter Sale is live now and ends January 4 at 10:00 PST.

Steam continues the tradition of fun sale stories

Past Steam sales had a rotating list of games per day: the daily and flash sales. After a certain amount of time, these deals would end, and new deals would pop up taking their place. Missing a daily deal or flash deal wasn’t the end of the world though, because the end of the sale would be a collection of all the sales available throughout the duration of the Steam sale.

But thanks to Steam’s refund policy, all this rotating deal nonsense is a thing of the past. Why wait when you can buy now? It saves you time, helps you plan out the re-distribution of your paycheck, and saves Steam’s customer service a magnitude of headaches in their never-ending attempt to fulfill refund tickets.

But despite this new convenience, the daily and flash sales will be missed. There was something special about praying to Lord GabeN in the hopes of Steam dropping the price on that game you’ve kept an eye on by 75%. Like a Winter miracle.

Regardless, out with the old and in with the new.

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