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Leaked Image Shows Microtransactions in Fable Legends


Leaked Image Shows Microtransactions in Fable Legends

Oh lawd.

Fable Legends is the new upcoming game in the Fable series which has recently been revealed as a free-to-play game that will hit the Xbox One and PC sometime next year. The fact it’s free-to-play means the game will feature microtransactions, but will they be well balanced and well priced?

A thread on Reddit has revealed an image which shows off the microtransactions and how much they will cost. The image was apparently leaked by someone who is beta testing the game (which is under an NDA).


It is worth noting that this is only the beta for Fable Legends, so prices may not be accurate. When it was revealed that Fable Legends was going free-to-play, developer Lionhead was keen to stress that the entire game will be accessible without the need of microtransactions.

Fable Legends was originally due to be released this year but has since been postponed to 2016 as the game has become bigger than previously thought. No doubt many gamers will be disturbed by such high priced microtransactions, but we’ll have to wait for the game’s release to know if they have a negative effect.

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