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Dragon Ball Z is in New Ford Focus Ad for Some Reason


Dragon Ball Z is in New Ford Focus Ad for Some Reason

Ford and Dragon Ball. Who saw that coming?

What do Ford and Dragon Ball Z have in common? Nothing. The answer is nothing. One is a long standing American Car company the other is a venerated Japanese fictional series about aliens, super powers, and a healthy helping of blowing shit up. The two couldn’t possibly be more unrelated.

But someone at Ford still thought it would be a great idea to enlist the help of Porunga, Krillin and Gohan in selling the new Ford Focus. Although a silent Namekian can be seen briefly in the shot at one point. This unholy marriage must have been the result of one completely unbelievable and probably hilarious business agreement process.

The commercial is bearable, you can get through it with smirk on your face, still totally shocked that the whole thing exists. It is nice to hear Krillin’s naggy voice again but it’s too bad the commercial wasn’t more accurate, as they opted not to kill Krillin by the end of it. If you’re looking for an awesomely random way to spend 50 seconds, check out the link.

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This post was originally authored by Ahmed Khattab.

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