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The Sims 4: Get Together Still Doesn’t Make it Worth Your Money


The Sims 4: Get Together Still Doesn’t Make it Worth Your Money

Does Get Together do the job?


The Sims 4 has been with us since 2014 and has since seen the release of two expansion packs, two game packs, and four stuff packs. If you bought every piece of downloadable content for The Sims 4, including the digital deluxe edition, you would have spent an absolutely absurd $230 on the game so far, and that’s not even accounting for taxes.

We haven’t even seen the last of ’em, since there are probably lots more DLC drops to come. But this should come as no surprise to anyone. The Sims series has long been known for its absurd pricing schemes which somehow still manage to rope in every demographic of gamer out there, easily making the franchise one of the all-time best selling series in video games. So, what do you get for what is nearly the price of a brand new console? Well, you get:

  • Two new traits: Dance Machine and Insider
  • Two new skill lines: Dance & DJ
  • A new town: Windenburg which houses the Chalet Gardens, the Bluffs, and Ancient Ruins
  • A new aspiration: Leader of the Pack
  • Over 120 Create a Sim items
  • New food and drinks, walk-in closets, DJ Booths, Dance Floors, Arcade machines, Dartboards, Foosball
  • The Nude outfit 😉
  • Bar nights & happy hour (Ghost, Knight, Ladies, Singles, Guys nights. Alien and Bear nights if you have Outdoor Retreat and Get to Work as well)
  • Clubs to join and create
  • 300+ Build/Buy mode objects

So has all this DLC and the latest expansion pack given fans of the previous games a reason to jump into the latest iteration? Or should they wait a little longer until there’s more to do at a cheaper price-point?

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