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Violinist Plays Brilliant Star Wars Medley with a Lightsaber Bow


Violinist Plays Brilliant Star Wars Medley with a Lightsaber Bow

The force is strong with this one!

The Force Awakens is not only on track for a record breaking opening weekend at the box office, but Star Wars fever is spreading across the internet. The full soundtrack has been released this week, we have seen a capella songs, piano medleys, and now violinist Taylor Davis has released a video of herself playing a Star Wars medley with a lightsaber bow.

Not all of the recent musical creations have been good. but the style and direction of this one make it one of the best efforts yet. Through varied lighting, costume changes, and different coloured lightsabers, Davis has created a light side vs. dark side theme to the video. Each of her characters play different tracks from the film, with the two sides coming together to create one piece of music at the end of the video.

Davis has also released a behind the scenes video explaining how she filmed the video in one day, how she created her characters, and how she made her bow look like a lightsaber. See the video below.

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