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Destiny’s Next Balance Update Is Full of Sunbreaker Titan Nerfs

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Destiny’s Next Balance Update Is Full of Sunbreaker Titan Nerfs

Cooling down the Sunbreakers.

Big changes are coming to the Titan class in Destiny next week. Bungie’s stats show that Sunbreaker Titans are dominating the game’s PvP modes while the other Titans are rarely seen. To fix this, next week’s balance update will tone down Sunbreakers while giving Strikers and Defenders some upgrades.

In a Class Tuning update, Destiny’s Senior Design Lead Sage Merrill provided a few statistics on the usage of Titan subclasses in PvP. This chart shows that in the past 90 days, Sunbreaker Titans have had a much higher kill/death ration than the other classes.


Bungie wants to make sure one class doesn’t dominate the competition, so they’ve planned extensive tweaks to all three classes.

First, all Titans will get a larger melee range in the patch. They will also get a larger height boost from the Catapult Lift skill, as Merrill wants to make it “more competitive with other Lift choices”.

The list of changes for Sunbreakers are meant to bring their kill/death ratio into an more reasonable range and allow others to properly combat a Sunbreaker Titan.

The Sunbreaker’s super Hammer of Sol will have less damage reduction and slower attack speed. The Passive skill Flameseeker will not track targets as well, and the Cauterize skill that allowed Sunbreakers to heal by killing enemies has a new 3 second cooldown.

Striker Titans are getting several enhancements to encourage players to use them, including bonus damage on melee attacks, and more health and armor on certain passive skills.

Defender Titans are getting a buff to their Ward of Dawn super, and casting it will provide an instant recharge of melee and grenade abilities.

The full list of changes is available on Bungie’s post. Do you think these changes will increase class diversity in Destiny? Are the Sunbreaker changes too much? Let us know in the comments.


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