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Dark Souls 3 Gets a Release Date Along With a Trailer and Gameplay Video

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls 3 Gets a Release Date Along With a Trailer and Gameplay Video

Embrace the darkness, and the videos, too.

Dark Souls fans are in for a treat today, with both a new trailer and a gameplay video released in preparation for the PlayStation Experience.

The main news from the trailer is that the game now will release on April 12th 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It showcases new enemies that look ready to unexpectedly come around the corner and hit you off the nearby cliff. “Embrace the darkness” is the tagline used in the trailer, which could be a hint at the lore or just the overall feel of the game. Below is the cinematic trailer that publisher Bandai Namco released.

Also posted by From Software, the developers behind the Souls games as well as Bloodborne mostly, is a video showing a section of gameplay from Dark Souls 3, ready for the PlayStation Experience that occurs this weekend. The world looks great, and is more of what fans expect from a Dark Souls game. Be warned that the second half of the video does showcase one of the boss fights that will be in the game, especially if you want to be surprised by what may kill you over and over again.

From Software’s previous game Bloodborne did not win any awards at yesterday’s The Game Awards in Los Angeles, but it was nominated for multiple awards including Best Art Direction and the main Game of the Year award. Dark Souls 2 released in early 2014 and shared a similar fate at last year’s events.

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