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Bloodborne’s Servers Are Now Back up and Running

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Bloodborne’s Servers Are Now Back up and Running

The hunt continues!

It was announced yesterday by Sony Japan that Bloodborne’s servers had been taken offline in order for some “Emergency Maintenance” to be performed. Lead hosting engineer Tim Wernicke said on Reddit that the maintenance was necessary in order to address an “exploit and series issues” that were found in the game.

It was theorized by some that the exploit mentioned could potentially allow players to get the recently released Old Hunters DLC for free, though this is unconfirmed.

The game went offline for about a day but it seems that it is back up online. Many players are reporting that they are now able to play it in online mode and I can confirm that it’s working for me.

The game was still playable, but players had to play in offline mode, meaning players couldn’t work together to take on bosses or engage in PVP.

It seems everything back to normal now and we can continue the hunt!

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