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Destiny’s First Raid Challenge Is Now Available

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Destiny’s First Raid Challenge Is Now Available

Now includes some powerful loot.

Last week, Bungie hinted at adding a challenge mode to the latest Destiny raid. Today, the first challenge launched with little fanfare and almost no information on how to complete it.

Players can see a challenge marker when selecting the King’s Fall Raid, which only says “Warpriest Challenge” with no other description. After some experimentation, players quickly figured out how to complete this challenge. Here’s the details of the Warpriest Challenge courtesy of Planet Destiny.

In the Warpriest battle, the boss has a faster attack speed and more enemies spawn during the battle. To complete the challenge, defeat the Warpriest but do not allow the same player to hold the Aura of the Initiate more than once. You’ll know if the challenge was done correctly if everyone gets a Calcified Fragment after the boss dies.

Completing this challenge will also drop high-level Legendary items for players, and these items will be even more powerful if the challenge is completed on Hard mode.

Bungie has stated that these challenges will change weekly, so it’s likely that the next boss in the King’s Fall raid will have a different challenge next Tuesday.

Do you feel like the challenge mode provides a good incentive to replay the raid? Let us know in the comments below.



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