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Bloodborne’s Latest Update Allows You to Buy Blood Rocks

bloodborne old hunters

Bloodborne’s Latest Update Allows You to Buy Blood Rocks

Upgrading your weapons will now be easier.

Sony and From Software dropped update 1.09 for Bloodborne on the PS4 today. The update brings quite a few changes, including one that I’m sure will please many fans and help to change up the way they play the game.

Changes to weapons
The strength and stamina cost for several weapons has been adjusted.

Changes to Insight Shop
・In order to trade for Blood Stone Chunks, the necessary amount of Insight has been changed from 30 to 20.
・Trading for the Blood Rock is now possible. 60 pieces of Insight are required.
※ A certain portion of the main game must been cleared in order to access the above.

Several other fixes and adjustments have been made.

Those who have played The Old Hunters will know that the new DLC weapon, the Whirligig Saw, is considered to be one of the more overpowered weapons in the game right now, so it’s likely that it might have been rebalanced slightly. More interestingly, the availability of Blood Rocks and Blood Stone Chunks will make weapon upgrading more accessible for players. This means that it’ll now be easier for players to experiment with a variety of weapons and perhaps even discover new options for their playing styles.

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