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Rocket League Is Getting Official Portal DLC This December

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Rocket League Is Getting Official Portal DLC This December

The cake is a lie!

Released earlier this year, Rocket League’s fusion of soccer and cars has fast become one of the most popular games of 2015. The game has been met with a huge amount of enthusiasm and has become one of the popular games to stream. The developer, Psyonix, has been great at supporting the game with DLC, some of which is free and it’s easy to see why the game has such a strong following.

Psyonix has announced on the game’s Steam page that it has steamed up with Valve in order to bring players FREE Portal themed DLC. The post read:

“Yes, dear friends, in an amazing display of professional badassery, the fantastic folks at Valve Software have given Rocket League players one of the coolest things they’ll ever see in our game — officially-licensed Portal customization items that are absolutely FREE”

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The DLC will add Portal themed items for you to use to customize your vehicle with. The full list of items are as follows:

  • Cake (Topper)
  • Conversion Gel (Rocket Trail)
  • Propulsion Gel (Rocket Trail)
  • Repulsion Gel (Rocket Trail)
  • Aperture Laboratories (Antenna)
  • Cake Sticker (Antenna)
  • Companion Cube (Antenna)
  • Personality Core (Antenna)
  • PotatOS (Antenna)

The free update which adds these items will go live tomorrow on December 1 and the items will start to unlock randomly after each game.

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