How to Find Bounty Kiosks in Starfield

Got a bounty? Get to a kiosk!

bounty kiosk starfield
Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

In Starfield, having a bounty assigned to you is no fun. It can stop you from landing on certain planets and moons, and can get you in real trouble with the law! If you are being a scandalous space cowboy (like me) and have run into the law one too many times, you are going to have a price on your head. If you don’t want to go to jail and risk losing your money and goods then read on to find out how to rid of that bounty at any one of the Bounty Kiosks in Starfield.

As you travel through the galaxies there is a chance you will run into a bit of trouble. This is especially true if you have taken up the hobby of space pirate or general ne’er-do-well. If you’re holding stolen goods aboard the ship, or that has been caught with their hand inside the till, will no doubt have a bounty assigned to you. There is, thankfully, a way to remove a bounty aside from doing time, paying the fine, and having any stolen goods removed.

How to Remove a Bounty in Starfield

Remove a bounty without any extra drama by paying a visit to a Bounty Kiosk. You will find Bounty Kiosks in or around a bar or taverns where other shady folk will gather. These kiosks are sometimes right beside a Mission Kiosk, so look out for those too.

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Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

When dropping on a planet to find a Bounty Kiosk, make sure you go to a place overseen by a different faction than the one hunting you down. You will not be able to land on a planet run by the faction who placed your bounty! So, for example, if your bounty is held by the Freestar Collective then visit a Crimson Fleet or United Colonies area instead.

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Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

Your other option is to build an outpost on a deserted moon and set up your own Bounty Kiosk. Do you want to hide any important (stolen) items? Place a storage container in your outpost too. Just remember to go back when you need to get your goods!

Interact with the bounty kiosk and select the option to clear the bounty that’s been placed on you with the stated amount of credits. It might dent your wallet quite heavily depending on how mischievous you’ve been (a lot, if you’re like me!), but at least you won’t be harassed around the star systems anymore.

All Bounty Kiosk Locations in Starfield

Visit any one of the following Bounty Kiosks to safely pay the fine and remove the restrictions placed upon you:

Planet/StationStar SystemLocationFaction
Volii AlphaVoliiAstral Lounge in NeonFreestar Collective
Volii AlphaVoliiMadame Sauvage’s Place in NeonFreestar Collective
The Key (Suvorov)KryxNear Shinya Voss’s chairCrimson Fleet
JemisonAlpha CentauriThe Viewport in New Atlantis SpaceportUnited Colonies
AkilaCheyenneThe Hitching Post in Akila CityFreestar Collective
Trident Luxury Lines (near Akila)CheyenneEntrance AreaFreestar Collective
MarsSolThe Broken Spear in CydoniaUnited Colonies
Deimos Staryard (near Mars)SolIn the Staryard entranceUnited Colonies
PolvoValoPit Stop in HopetownFreestar Collective

Remember to check the faction holding your bounty before choosing a place to visit for clearance. Good luck on your continued space piracy, smuggling, and general thievery! For extra help on getting through Starfield unscathed find more guides below.

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