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How to Get Money (Credits) Fast in Starfield

Money, money, money.

It may make the world go round, but when you really need it, money can be an elusive commodity in Bethesda Game Studios’ latest sci-fi RPG. As a result, you may be left wondering how to make credits fast in Starfield. If so, we’ve got your back with a handful of tips to help you make that scratch sharpish. So, without further delay, let’s get down to business, shall we?

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How to Get Credits Fast in Starfield

There are various ways to strike it rich in Bethesda’s cosmic looter-shooter, so to help you net more dough for your next in-game shopping spree, here’s what you’ll want to do.

Sell Unwanted Weapons, Suits, and Equipment to Merchants on a Regular Basis

You’ll find plenty of loot from the corpses of your fallen foes, but guns, melee weapons, spacesuits, helmets, and crafting materials are gonna be your most abundant sources of income. See, once you’ve stripped your assailants of valuables, you can fly to the nearest merchant to offload your haul.

Thing is, said merchants only sell and buy the items that they specialise in. For instance, Reliant Medical is a clinic that can be found in all the major cities, and offers treatments for afflictions while offering Aid supplies from the local Doctor. Meanwhile, clothes stores only buy and sell Apparel items and Weapon shops like Centaurian Arsenal on Jemison only deal in — you guessed it! — weapons.

Depending on the system you’re currently in, the nearest shop varies, though we found the most reliable vendors to be found in Akila City which is situated on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne system. That’s because Akila City features a general store called Shepherd’s, which trades in everything.

While traders’ stocks and credits are occasionally replenished, we found that purchasing from the merchants we sold our items to helped to keep money in their pockets for when we needed to sell items back to them. Ergo, make sure to occasionally purchase essential items from traders that you sell to so that you don’t end up draining them dry.

Sell Any Unwanted Spaceships

On your journey across the stars, you’ll soon unlock a new spaceship as a quest reward or perhaps purchase a new one from a local Ship Services Technician. These folk can be found near the Spaceports where you park your spacecraft.

Much akin to our first recommendation, you can actually choose to sell any unwanted spaceships that you possess. The major boon of selling any a spacecraft is simple: they’re worth a lot of credits. As a general rule of thumb, the further into the game you unlock a spaceship, the better it’ll be. (Read: is worth more money!)

Unlock and Upgrade the Commerce Skill ASAP

As you level up your character, you’ll be able to dispense skill points into your skill trees. One that’s particularly useful for making lots of moolah early on is in the Social category and is dubbed the Commerce skill.

This handy perk skill enables you to buy items for 5% less, and sell your items for 10% more. Further, each rank offers even more efficacy, and culminates in the ability to purchase items for 20% less and sell for 25% more at rank 4. If you’re looking to get rich quick, this is the perfect skill to upgrade.

Take Out Tracker’s Alliance Contract Bounty Targets

While there are a handful of different factions each with their own specific agendas, you’ll soon stumble across a group of bounty hunters called the Tracker’s Alliance. Once you discover them, we’d recommend taking on all their available missions, especially if you’re looking to score some big bucks. Really, there’s no harm in having too many quests to complete on your to-do list.

The major benefit of completing these Tracker’s Alliance Contracts is the fact that you can make plenty of money in a two-pronged approach. Essentially, you’ll be tussling with large groups of enemies, thus netting yourself plenty of loot to sell. Additionally, once you’ve eliminated your target, you’ll nab yourself some additional cash to boot. Talk about a win-win, eh?

And with those handy tips on how to get credits fast in Starfield, you’ll hopefully be laughing all the way to the interstellar bank. For more, why not take a gander at our further coverage down below? And for everything else, you’re in the right place at Twinfinite.

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