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How to Join Freestar Collective in Starfield (Freestar Rangers)

There's a new ranger in town.

The Freestar Rangers are a group of wanderers who ensure the safety of the people of the Freestar Collective. Through this recruitment, you can access various parts of the planet, including privately owned properties, and get jurisdiction over local security when tracking a fugitive. So, if you always wanted to become a space ranger, we’ll show you how to join the Freestar Collective.

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How Do You Join the Freestar Collective in Starfield?

You can join the Freestar Collective by traveling to the Cheyenne Galaxy system (to the right of Narion). Players will most likely encounter this area during the Empty Nest quest when they progress further in the main campaign.

Finding the Freestar Collective in Starfield
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When you land in Akila City, you’ll be stopped by security, and you must agree to help him with an issue to trigger the Job Gone Wrong quest. It’s a bit easier to have Sam Coe in your party since he will persuade others to trust you. Eventually, players will speak to Marshal Daniel Blake, who will ask them to influence the bank robbers to surrender.

The best option is to keep choosing the Persuade dialogue points to get through the interrogation quickly. We recommend saving before you talk to the Bank Robber Leader and after your successful persuasion during the middle of the conversation. Your relationship with Sam will also increase if you use your words alone to stop the robbery.

Daniel will tell you to go to Emma Wilcox at the Rock in Akila City, allowing you to join the Freestar Rangers. Once players meet up with the character, they can select the ‘I want to join the Freestar Rangers’ option. However, you must complete one of the tasks on the Mission board to complete the process.

Joining the Freestar Rangers in Starfield
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You’ll see a waypoint to the Freestar Rangers Mission Board shortly after, and you can choose your preferred quest to complete the rest of the initiation. Some objectives will have more Credits than others, and you can select the one with the most money if you want to increase your wallet. Players can also deselect the Deputized quest to activate the Freestar Ranger mission, triggering its waypoint on the map.

It shouldn’t take too long to complete this part of the questline, and you can speak to Emma afterward to officially join the Freestar Rangers (agree to the Marshal’s question.) You’ll start your journey with the Deputy rank and begin a mission with Ranger Wilcox to help the people of the Freestar Collective, gifting you the Deadeye weapon, a badge, and cosmetics.

Now that you know how to join the Freestar Collective, you can learn about all the other Factions to expand your knowledge of the various systems. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below to view more Starfield content.

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