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All Factions in Starfield

Every Faction, explained.

Bethesda’s Starfield is easily one of the biggest games of 2023 in terms of size, scale, and narrative. Fitting into the latter are the game’s Factions — different organizations fighting for control, power, and influence across the galaxy. There are a lot of these groups to keep track of, so we’ve compiled a list of every Faction in Starfield, named and explained for your convenience.

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Every Faction in Starfield

We know of 5 major Factions in Starfield currently, each of which is joinable by players’ Spacefarers. Below, we’ve detailed the base of each, alongside its name:

FactionSystem Base
ConstellationAlpha Centauri
Crimson FleetKryx
Freestar CollectiveCheyenne
Ryujin IndustriesVolii
United ColoniesAlpha Centauri

There are multiple other smaller Factions too. Typically, these play a lesser role in the game’s narrative and are not joinable for players.

Below, we’ll run through the basics of each major Faction. Needless to say, some (like Constellation) play a big role in the story and your Spacefarer’s journey. Others are far less impactful.


Constellation is a famous space exploration organization based at The Lodge in New Atlantis. It was founded in 2275 and has forged a strong reputation for galaxy exploration and information acquisition.

Starfield Constellation
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The Spacefarer is asked to join Constellation in 2330, with their leader Sarah Morgan seeking out further artefacts that’ll reveal more information about the galaxy.

Crimson Fleet

Crimson Fleet is different from Constellation in that it’s not one organized unit, but various Pirate Captains who are united under the ‘Crimson Fleet’ moniker. They’re based in The Key, a space station in the Kryx system that was previously owned by United Colonies.

It’s recognisable in game by the Jolly Roger emblem. Once a member of the Crimson Fleet, players cannot leave. They are tied to the group until they die.

Freestar Collective

Another Faction, the Freestar Collective is technically a government that rules over Cheyenne, Narion and Volii. Its capital is Akila City on the planet Akila.

Freestar is narratively significant because of the war it engaged in with the United Colonies. This culminated in 2311’s Battle of Cheyenne, which the Freestar Collective won and resultantly retained control of the region. When 2330 rolls around, the peace between them and UC is in place, albeit hanging on by a thread.

Ryujin Industries

Ryujin Industries is more of a mystery than most Factions. It’s a major corporation selling various products throughout the galaxy, many of which players will come across as they explore. Its HQ is in the city of Neon in the Volii System.

United Colonies

Like the Freestar Collective, the UC is a government that rules over much of the Settled Systems. Specifically, it’s based in New Atlantis but controls Alpha Centauri, Sol and Wolf.

It has a history of war, losing the aforementioned Battle of Cheyenne and ceding ground as a result. In 2330, it is on high alert due to the activity of the Crimson Fleet, which the Colonies believe is impeding on its territory. It is directed by a council known as MAST.

That’s all the Factions in Starfield that we know of right now. There’s sure to be tons to discover as players delve into Bethesda’s title, so stay tuned for the latest.

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