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How to Join UC Vanguard in Starfield

Supra et ultra!

The UC Vanguard is the United Colonies’ elite volunteer fleet, providing its members with valuables to maximize their performance. Each recruit will be offered various missions to go on, credits, a house, discounted prices, and their very own ship. So, if you are already sold on the benefits alone, we’ll show you how to join the UC Vanguard in Starfield.

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How Do You Join the UC Vanguard in Starfield?

To start the Vanguard recruitment process in Starfield, you’ll need to embark on the Old Neighborhood quest, in which Sarah accompanies you to speak to one of her contacts. You’ll then trigger the Supra Et Ultra mission, allowing you to join the UC Vanguard with the selection: “‘I would love to join the Vanguard. Sign me up.”.

Tuala in Starfield
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However, players must first complete the following tasks to be fully accepted into the group:

  • Register for the Vanguard.
  • Earn a satisfactory grade in the simulated combat flight.
  • Complete a probationary mission.

While some steps can be finished quickly, others require more time and effort for better results.

Register for the Vanguard

The first step is relatively easy to achieve, as you simply sign a few agreement forms at the MAST Orientation Hall (follow the waypoint on the map.) But if you get lost, you can use the elevator to take you to the Vanguard Orientation Hall level. Those with a bounty must pay it off there to get further in the program.

Before heading into the next phase, you can take on the optional objective of exploring the Orientation Hall, showcasing a knowledgeable museum tour of the world’s history.

Vanguard Pilotting Exam

The Vanguard Pilotting Exam mandates players to defeat at least three tiers of enemy ships. That means you must eliminate the following opponents:

  • First Tier: 1 ship
  • Second Tier: 2 ships
  • Third Tier: 2 ships

You can take them down by getting rid of their defenses with lasers and shooting them immediately after with your preferred weapon. Players can also increase their shields and utilize the boost to last longer in battle. If you fail a course, you can exit the flight simulator and use the Simulation Controls on the ship’s right side to restart your current level.

Players can take their time with each tier, especially during the third phase, to dodge enemy attacks and get the perfect shot. You can continue on after the required trials to get a higher score with more advanced levels, but it isn’t essential to do so.

After this segment, you must swear the Vanguard oath with Commander Tuala in his office/the Lobby to officially start on your mission as a recruit.

Grunt Work

The only way to get accepted into the UC Vanguard is by completing a probationary mission in the Tau Ceti II system. First, you can speak to Hadrian at the Tau Gourmet Production Center, where she will ask you to restore the security system connection. Players can find this device with an orange door next to the Packaging building.

Once you interact with the mechanism, select ‘Reset Security Connection’ to get it back online. Next, players can go to the next room to turn on the Tracking system and then choose ‘183.5’ via the Tracker Frequency Tuner. Now it’s time to defeat the dreadful Terrormorph by turning on the three Kill Lanes or going head-to-head in battle.

Grunt Work Reset Security System Connection Objective
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Those who want to utilize the power of the Kill Lanes will need to turn on the three Power Breakers (marked with blue waypoints.) At the same time, you’ll need to steer clear of the enemy by keeping track of their current location in the top right corner, along with a beeping sound that will go faster when the creature is nearby.

To reach the Kill Lanes on the top levels, you can find a set of stairs on the side of the buildings and use your jetpack. Players must also move on to another switch when there isn’t enough power (just return to this Kill Lane afterward.)

Stairs to the Kill Lanes in Starfield Grunt Work
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With all three switches on, you can go toward the illuminated turret projectiles to immediately eliminate the Terrormorph and take a sample of its tissue. As a result, you can go back to Tuala to be welcomed into the UC Vanguard, rewarding you with a suit, XP, and ship modifications.

Now that you’ve been accepted into the UC Vanguard, you can learn more about Starfield by checking out the relevant links below, including our How to Level Up Fast guide.

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