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The Newest Walking Dead Trailer Introduces Javier’s Backstory and an Older Clem

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Clementine, Javier

The Newest Walking Dead Trailer Introduces Javier’s Backstory and an Older Clem

Our little Clem is growing up!

The newest Walking Dead trailer for season 3 has introduced the backstory to a new character named Javier. The trailer opens with Javier and his family, and they appear to be mourning the death of a family member only to find him still walking around.

The trailer flashes forward to Javier talking with Clementine and she appears to have aged up a bit from when we last saw her in season 2. She is seen kicking a walker in the leg and going for the brain with her knife, similar to the way that Jane taught her back in the last season. Clementine does mention that people have tried to protect her in the past but the same thing always “happens to everyone”, happened to them. Based on the trailer, we don’t know if the choices from season 2 are going to have an impact or not, but all we know is that our favorite apocalypse survivor is still fighting strong.

The Walking Dead Season 3 will be available starting Dec 20

This trailer was shown at The Game Awards this year, to see the other Telltale Games announcements that were made tonight, click here and here.

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