Uncharted 4 Has a Fantastic E3 Related Easter Egg (Minor Spoilers)

Nice one, Naughty Dog.

Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is finally out and we’re all having a lot of fun going on one last adventure with Nathan Drake. Over the past few days, players have been uncovering several awesome Easter Eggs in the game, but this one might be the best yet.

If you’re still playing Uncharted 4, and don’t want to know a thing, then back out now!

You may recall that, during the E3 2015 Uncharted 4 stage demo, there was a glitch which made the demo crash just as Nathan was about to follow Sully through a crowded market.

Folks on Reddit discovered that, when you get to this point in your game, if you stop for around 30 seconds, you will get a Trophy. The Trophy is called Stagefright and is obviously a reference to the unfortunate incident at E3. Pretty cool, eh?

You can check out the moment the demo crashed below:

It’s great to see the folks over at Naughty Dog can laugh at something that was no doubt very stressful at the time.

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