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This Star Citizen Pack Costs as Much as a New Car

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This Star Citizen Pack Costs as Much as a New Car

Think you’re a big Star Citizen fan? How much money have you spent on the game (which isn’t even out yet)? A few hundred bucks? That’s child’s play. Try picking up the new Legatus Pack, which will set you back a ridiculous amount of money. No, seriously, this is some big bucks we’re talking — far more than you might ever reasonably want to spend on a game.

The Legatus Pack, which comes with 117 ships, including the Aegis Sabre, Anvil Carrack, and 163 extra items, goes for a whopping $27,000. You also get the digital copy of the Star Citizen novella, as well as the digital soundtrack. It’s most of the game’s inventory and ships, and you can only see it to purchase it if you’ve already spent $1,000 on the game to become a “Concierge” member. If you still want to buy the pack and aren’t already a member, you can contact customer service to buy the equivalent of a new car in Star Citizen ships.

Keep in mind that while this is an exorbitant amount of money, the game doesn’t require that you spend as much as humanly possible to get into it. There are various free fly weekends to take part in, and you can buy a ship for yourself for just under $50. So don’t worry about being a millionaire if you want to get into the world. Just make sure you prioritize if you aren’t a millionaire and spend $27,000 on other more important things first.

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