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These Guys Got to Ride Real Life Destiny Sparrows and We’re Jealous AF


These Guys Got to Ride Real Life Destiny Sparrows and We’re Jealous AF

We need this.

Are you freaking kidding me? How can I sign up for this?

Activision worked with Nitro Circus stars Ryan Williams and Blake “Bilko” Williams, as well as the Hydro Circus team, to create and test drive “real” Sparrows inspired by Destiny. Real is in quotations because you know, we don’t actually have hover tech at that level yet (I feel silly for having to explain that but JUST IN CASE), but we do have bad ass water jets. Check out the video below:

The real life sparrows took two months of development according to Activision, can hit speeds up to 25 MPH, and reaches heights of 20 feet high. They are also capable of pulling off some of the stunts players can do in Destiny, in other words it’s the greatest thing ever made (until the next greatest thing ever made anyway).

I know this is a promotional stunt for Destiny 2, but it doesn’t make me want this any less. Sadly, there was no information about this ever being a thing for the general public. Your best bet is to look into Jetovator, which is tech they infused to make these Sparrows possible.

Destiny 2 is out now for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will release for Windows PCs on Oct. 24.


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