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PS5 April Update Adds Storage Option and Beef up Social Features

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PS5 April Update Adds Storage Option and Beef up Social Features

A new software update drops tomorrow.

With yet another month done for the year, we are now firmly into April and the PlayStation 5 is due for another software update coming tomorrow. While fans are undoubtedly looking forward to the proper storage expansion for the PS5, that is unfortunately not happening for this software update. However, there are still some interesting bits to look forward to.

Although we are not getting the proper PS5 storage expansion, the new software update will enable players to store PS5 games on compatible external USB drives.

This at least frees up some space on your console for games you really want to play. However, do note that any PS5 games on the USB external storage will not be playable. You also cannot download PS5 games directly into the external drive.

For those who have enjoyed using Game Base for the PS5, this software update will bring about improvements too. Players will have quicker access to more important content and features, such as easily switching between Parties and Friends. Notifications for each party you are in can also be configured separately.

In-game chat can be turned off quickly, or if you prefer, individual voice chat volumes of other players can also be adjusted independently. No longer do you need to ask someone to lower or increase their volume.

Developers are seeing benefits as well. Moving forward, they can enable pre-downloads of game updates. No longer do you have to wait for an update to install before starting a game in its latest version. Just turn on automatic updates and you are set.

As for the PS5 home screen experience, this software update brings with it the ability to search your library or hide games from view. This way, you will have more control over what you see. Sony has added the ability to magnify the screen should the need arises.

For trophy hunters, the team has added a new player Trophy Stats screen, where you can check out the summary of your trophy level and status at a glance. As part of the change, the level of trophies that results in automatic capture of a screenshot or video clip can now be customized. No more crummy bronzes!

Sony is also looking to beef up the social aspects of the PS5 and the PS4 with this new software update. Share Play is going cross-generational, with PS4 and PS5 players having the option to Share Play together while chatting in parties. In addition, you can share your screen with a friend, pass your controller virtually to a friend, or pass a second controller virtually to play co-op games together.

A selection of your friends’ joinable game sessions will now appear on both PS5 and PS4 consoles, allowing for more gameplay opportunities together.

Lastly, there are new features being implemented in the PlayStation App. Recent updates has enabled users to save products in a wishlist, get notifications when your friends are online, and change your console online status.

Moving forward, Sony is planning to add the ability to join a multiplayer session on PS5 from the app, manage your PS5 console storage, compare trophy collections with friends, and sort and filter products shown in the PlayStation Store.

All of these changes are no doubt an improvement, but we are still holding on for that NVMe SSD support. May the PlayStation gods look down upon us favorably.

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